If for whatever reason you encounter an error in downloading and printing your QVR Certificate, try refreshing your internet browser. Also, check if your computer has a PDF reader. If your parent is accessing it from the office or any workplace, it is possible that there is a restriction coming from the firewall settings; if this is the case, you may check it at home or go to an internet shop to download and print.
No. You just need to present your Grade 10 Report Card to the school where you want to enrol, together with the other documents that the school may require from you. Your Grade 10 Report Card should bear your Learner Reference Number.
No. ESC participating schools are required to issue an ESC Certificate to its grantees. This certificate is what you will present to the school where you want to enrol.
There is no need to worry. It can be corrected by the school when they access the Voucher Management System. What is important is that the student has been issued a QVR Certificate Number; it serves as the student’s identification number in the system.
You may now proceed with the enrollment in your school of choice. Present the QVR Certificate to the Admissions/Registrar’s Office together with the other admission documents that the school requires from you.
Yes. The student is free to enrol in any school that he or she chooses. The voucher may be used in any private Senior High School provider or State/Local Universities and Colleges.
Yes. The student is not limited by what he or she declared in the application. Be guided, however, by the terms and conditions for all voucher beneficiaries. That information is in DepEd Order No. 60, s. 2017. Check ovap.deped.gov.ph for more information.
That information is in DepEd Order No. 60, s. 2017. Check ovap.deped.gov.ph for information.
No. DepEd will give the voucher value directly to the school where the student enrolled for Grades 11 and 12.
There will no longer be an orientation to be conducted for all voucher program beneficiaries but the schools are expected to orient the students on the voucher program terms and conditions, as laid out in DepEd Order No. 60, s. 2017.
Yes, the applicant can edit and save their answers while filling up the form. If their Current Application Status indicates "Submitted" they can still edit their Online Application Form. However, once their Current Application Status indicates "For Review" they can no longer edit their answers. What they can do is send a request to [email protected] for assistance.