Service Description

The Enhanced Basic Education Act of 2013 (RA 10533) lengthens Philippine basic education from 10 years to 12 years with the addition of Grades 11 and 12 in Senior High School (SHS). Explicitly expands Government Assistance to Students and Teachers in Private Education (GASTPE or RA 8545) to include Grades 11 and 12. The Department of Education (DepEd) is mandated to formulate programs to enact the abovementioned provisions based on the principles of public-private partnership.

In relation to this, the Private Education Assistance Committee (PEAC) has been contracted by DepEd to facilitate the application of eligible, non-automatic beneficiaries, incoming Grade 11 students to the Senior High School Voucher Program (SHS VP).

PEAC as Personal Information Processor

In carrying out the implementation and management of the SHS VP applications, PEAC acts as a Personal Information Processor as defined under RA 10173, otherwise known as the Data Privacy Act (DPA) of 2012. Thus, under Sec. 3(i) of the DPA, Personal Information Processor (PIP) refers to any natural or juridical person qualified to act as such under this Act to whom a personal information controller may outsource the processing of personal data pertaining to a data subject.

Personal/Sensitive Personal Information Collected

DepEd/PEAC collects the following information or details from applicants under Sections 1-3 of the application form:

Section 1 (Information about the Applicant)
Personal Information

  • Full name
  • Date of birth
  • Address
  • Contact Information

Sensitive Personal Information

  • Learner Reference Number
  • Gender
  • Nationality
  • Desired tracK in SHS

Section 2 (Information about the Applicant’s Family)
Personal Information

  • Full names of the parents and siblings
  • Date of birth of the siblings
  • Home ownership
  • Parent/s or Guardian;s source/s and amount of income

Section 3 (Information about the Applicant’s Junior High School)
Sensitive Personal Information

  • School name
  • School adress
  • Amount of tuition and other fees paid in Grade 10
  • Financial assistance received from the school, if applicable

Required Supporting Documents

  • Parent/s or Guardian’s proof income
  • Solo parent ID, if applicable
  • Death certificate, if applicable


The collected personal/sensitive personal information shall be utilized, among others, in the evaluation of the application to determine who can be prioritized for acceptance, eligibility and/or in connection with any report, research or study for future policy formulation/improvemenr that may be conducted by DepEd and/or PEAC in relation to the implementation of the SHS VP. Contact information is collected for the purpose of communicating with the applicant should the need arise, e.g., clarifications on the submitted information and/or documents.

Protection Measures and Access to Personal/Sensitive Personal Information

DepEd and PEAC shall implement reasonable and appropriate measures to protect the security of personal/sensitive personal information consistent with Chapters V, VI, and VII of the DPA. Only authorized DepEd/PEAC personnel have access to the application forms submitted. Encoding of manual applications is done only in the DepEd/PEAC office, using office-issued computers. Electronic transmittal of encoded manual applications is done using only the official DepEd/PEAC email addresses. Print-outs containing data are limited and is transmitted only by authorized DepEd/PEAC personnel. All applications submitted, together with the supporting documents, will be securely processed and stored in DepEd/PEAC’s cloud servers. Data will be kept in the servers for a period of six (6) years. At the end of the above retention period, hard copies shall be disposed through shredding, while digital files shall be disposed of through the use of secure digital technology.

Every student has the right to ask for a copy of any personal/sensitive personal information that DepEd and PEAC may hold about him/her, as well as to ask for it to be corrected if he/she thinks it is erroneous. To do so, and for any other matters relating to the processing of personal data, he/she may contact the proper DepEd Office through the Office of the Undersecretary for Legislative Affairs, External Partnerships and Project Management Service/ Office of the DepEd Data Privacy Officer at [email protected] and/or the PEAC Data Privacy Unit at [email protected].

Disposal of Personal/Sensitive Personal Information

All personal/sensitive personal information shall be retained or maintained, destroyed, discarded or disposed in a secure manner that would prevent further processing, unauthorized access or disclosure, to any party or the public, or prejudice the interests of the data subjects consistent with Sec. 19., Rule IV of the Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR) of the DPA.

Principles of Transparency, Legitimate purpose and Proportionality

The processing of information shall adhere to the principles of transparency, legitimate purpose and proportionality in the collection, retention, storage and disclosure of personal/sensitive personal information consistent with Sec. 11 and other relevant provisions of the DPA.

Office of the DepEd Data Privacy Officer/PEAC Data Privacy Unit

To attend to your concern immediately, please state in your communication the following:

  1. Full Name
  2. LRN
  3. School Name
  4. School ID
  5. Data Privacy concern