Application Process


Access OVAP at Follow the instructions to create an OVAP account. VAs must use a working email address they have access to.

NOTE: An account is not yet an application.


Wait for a confirmation email that shall be sent to the VA’s email address. Upon receipt of the confirmation email, click on the link provided to access the OVAP as a registered user.


Complete the electronic Voucher Application Form (VAF-1). VAs may do this in parts but must ensure changes are saved by section.


Scan or take a picture and upload the following required documents in the OVAP:

  1. Recent 2x2 colored ID photo
  2. Notarized Affidavit* of occupation and income for ALL that apply: both parents, guardian/s, and other person/s helping send the VA to school, if any
  3. Signed Parent Consent Form** for VAs below 18 years old at the time of the submission of the application
  4. Certificate of Financial Assistance*** received from the JHS, if applicable


Click the attestation button and submit the application. An application is not considered complete until it is attested.


Check the result of application thru OVAP. VAs with successful applications become eligible for the voucher and shall be called Qualified Voucher Applicants (QVAs).


Download the QVA Certificate from OVAP. The QVA Certificate is required for voucher redemption. QVAs shall submit their QVA Certificate to the SHS they decide to enroll at as proof that they are entitled to the voucher.

Application Requirements

  1. SIGNED and NOTARIZED (with dry seal) Annex 1: Affidavit of Family’s Financial Income

  2. SIGNATURE over printed name Annex 2: Parents/Guardian’s Consent Form

  3. SIGNATURE over printed name Annex 3: Certificate of Financial Assistance (Applicable ONLY to Voucher Applicants who received financial assistance from their Junior High School)